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Cinnamon’s Surprising Health Benefits

Who doesn’t love to add a dash of cinnamon in their food and have it? The taste of cinnamon is just fantastic. Take for example Apple cinnamon Muffins which are hard to resist! The flavor of the food is matchless. But is taste the only reason for the popularity of cinnamon? Can’t agree! Cinnamon is also known for the medicinal values it provides. Here is a list of some benefits of cinnamon.

Let’s take a look.
· Regular intake of cinnamon is the best choice for treating diabetes.
· Cinnamon is useful for people suffering from heart complications and other cardiovascular diseases. Cinnamon helps in reducing cholesterol levels in your body, thereby keeping a healthy heart.
· Studies have revealed link of cinnamon against ulcer. Consumption of cinnamon regularly helps in having proper digestion. It reduces intestinal gas and is a great relief during stomach upset.It is also found to prevent the formation of ulcers in the abdomen.
· Cinnamon helps in weight loss. A mix of cinnamon powder with honey is an excellent way to reduce weight and belly fat.
· Women suffering from painful menstruation can get relief by taking cinnamon mixed in warm water. Cinnamon contains natural chemicals called cinnamaldehyde, which balance the hormones of a woman’s body are thereby reducing the pain during the menstrual cycle.
· Early studies have revealed cinnamon is effective in controlling type -II diabetes. There is evidence to prove cinnamon has resulted in varying blood pressure levels.
· Students are advised to smell the flavor of cinnamon before going for an examination. A study claimed the feeling of cinnamon improved response times and memory recall.
· Muscle pain is known to be relieved by using cinnamon mixed in massage oil and applying to the painful area.
· Another useful benefit of cinnamon is it plays a crucial role in getting rid of harmful bacteria without damaging tooth and gums. It is one of the reasons why cinnamon oil is used in toothpaste and toothpowder.
· Cinnamon is the simple home remedy for a cough and cold. A mix of cinnamon and honey is advised for an extreme migraine and sinus pain. But, the most startling of all is Cinnamon extract

hold promise for brain-degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s diseases, Parkinson diseases, and others.
But can an extract from the “wonderful spice “cinnamon ward off the devastating brain disease – like Alzheimer. Researchers claim just an excerpt of cinnamon can delay the aggressiveness of Alzheimer. Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative brain disorder that disrupts memory, though, and behavior. According to a survey, 1 out of 100 people over 65 in the world have Alzheimer’s disease.

Researchers assert that cinnamon extract contains properties, called CEppt that can slow down the development of the disease. But, how is this possible?
Some researchers from the University of California, Santa Barbara claim that cinnamon compounds can help to stop “tangles” of tau protein. This protein is the cause for memory loss disease, forming in the brain.

Researchers also say the tau proteins tend to form clumps in the brain with growing age for people who have Alzheimer’s disease. These people have more of these clumps than ordinary people. The cinnamon extract properties prevent these proteins from being more aggressive.
Ok, don’t rush to the cabinet to get cinnamon. Cinnamon is toxic and should not be taken in large amounts other than the number given over food to ward off Alzheimer’s disease.
Researchers say, this discovery is exciting, but a patient should not take more than 10grams of cinnamon a day. It is always advisable to take cinnamon extract supplements or cinnamon in consultation with a physician when you think of controlling Alzheimer‘s diseases with cinnamon.